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Smiles(Ages 6 - 9 years old)

The swim team you want YOUR CHILD on is HERE!!!   Led by Coach Jim Reiser, your child will learn from the pro himself!  When Coach Reiser led Team Carolina to back-to-back state championships, the parents always suggested Coach Jim's ability to teach stroke technique made the difference and that was always the foundation for their success. 

"That sure is important, Coach Jim says, and teaching technique" is certainly something I take pride in, but there is one more thing that's even more important, and that is making a long-term, positive difference in a child's life through the youth sport experience." 

Evidence of Coach Jim's ability to do that can be found in an email he received just before Thanksgiving, 2008.  Jim started coaching Steven Luckie in 1995 when he was just 8 years old, and coached him until the age of 16 in 2003.  Steven's accomplishments with Jim as his coach were many, from being Jim's first state champion to being nationally ranked in the 200 butterfly for the 13-14 age group.  Most recently, Steven has been voted captain of the USC Swim Team and is now a senior swimmer for USC. 

Champ But what means the most to Jim, Steven, and Steven's parents, aren't all the medals and awards, but the life lessons and the long term rewards resulting from a sound philosophy.  According to Jim, the email below is what it's all really about:

Dear Coach Jim,

"I'm forwarding on this video clip of Steven's 200 Fly this past weekend.  He beat the time in the photo you made of the Senior National cut of 1:51.79!  Most importantly, Chrisann and I have always felt you have had the most profound and positive impact on Steven and his swimming abilities! For that we will always remember and be most appreciative!  Enjoy the race and have a Happy, Healthy and Blessed Thanksgiving!"

 Swim Team for Kids

(Competitive Strokes & Skills for ages 6-9)

A sound philosophy is the most important aspect of your child's first team.  Here are a few reasons your child will love ours . . .


Your child will be the STAR of our team!

Your child is going to absolutely LOVE our swim team.   Not only are practices "fun" and designed to develop "olympic-like technique," our swim meets will be a positive, rewarding experience! 

Your child will be awarded a ribbon for every race he/she swims--whether he's first place or not.  Because our competitions are designed to promote a healthy sport experience, your young athlete will not only learn to race, but he will leave our program with more self-confidence and higher self-esteem.

  Coaching Swim Team

Your child will be in a TECHNIQUE-ORIENTED program!

Our goal is to teach your child technique first.  The program will be drill-oriented program and one that will serve your young athlete best in the long term. Because our coaches slow down and teach the fundamentals now, your child will have a better foundation for future success.


Your child will receive lots of INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION!

Most local swim teams are focused on quantity. Our team is focused on quality. Instead of having 15-20 children per coach--we promise an 7 to 1 swimmer; coach ratio. We also promise no more than 20 kids in the pool. You won't find these promises for swim team anywhere else!


Your child will have FUN!

     Fun is always kept in the fundamentals, and you will witness this at all of our practices. Our goal is for your child to be excited to come to every swim practice. By taking this approach, we will give your child a brighter future in the sport because we're thinking long-term--not winning tomorrow's meet.


Your child will benefit from our SOUND PHILOSOPHY!

Team members swimming under water A sound philosophy is of the utmost importance when it comes to young children and sports. With the right approach, a child's involvement in organized sports not only has a significant impact on your child's physical fitness, it can also lead to better social skills, better classroom performance, and even higher self-esteem and self-confidence. But all of these tremendous benefits can be INSTANTLY NEGATED if a program's approach to performance is stressful to the child. That simply will not happen to your child if you're in our program because of the philosophy and approach we take.


Your Questions & Answers:


NO! There is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE and NO ANNUAL REGISTRATION.  In fact, if you are signed up for our swim team--you and your family will have access to our pool for our weekend family swims for a minimal $5 admission fee per visit, per person.

How much does it cost?

The swim team fee is $150 per month.  This will inlcude a very cool trophy and multiple ribbons which will be awarded for every race of our swim meet. 

We will offer a May, June, and July program.  Team 2010

WARNING! Make sure to register early for each session because your enrollment for one session doesn't automatically reserve your spot for the next session. HOWEVER our current team members will be notified via email on when the new registration starts for the next session. Our current customers will have a 2-3 day head start on new customers to enroll and keep your spot.

When and how often do the children practice?

Practices will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM.  So we offer two x 60-minute sessions per week.  Swim Meets will be held on the last day of each session.  Again, a very cool trophy with your child's name on it will be awarded as well as  ribbons will be awarded to every swimmer in every race. 

Swim Team Award What if you miss practice?

Individual make-ups are not offered.

If practice is cancelled due to weather, it may be made up on another evening at the same time.    Call our cancellation hotline at 561-0226 for cancellations and check the make-up schedule on the website for make-up times.

Are there prerequisites to the swim team?

Children ages 6 to 9 are candidates for swim team, but there are skill prerequisites.  In order to participate on our swim team, your child should be able to swim 15 meters of freestyle with side breathing and backstroke (graduated from our Swim Strokes 200 level course). 

Swim Award In addition, your child should have the general idea of breaststroke and butterfly.  While your child does not have to be graduated from our Advanced Swim Strokes 300 level class, he/she should have taken the course at least one full session so they have the idea of breaststroke and butterfly.