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Child-Centered, yet Progressive System--Scientifically Designed with children in mind!

Imagine the fun your child would have learning in such a positive, child-centered environment (as seen below). While maintaining a progressive, goal-oriented approach, The Swim Lessons Company founder, Jim Reiser, developed The Swim Lessons Company curriculum with children in mind!

Professor Reiser holds a Masters Degree in Physical Education with a Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition emphasis. He has structured the courses so that children master each skill in a progression of very achievable, and age-appropriate steps. Skills are taught through a combination of visual, verbal, and physical cues in which Jim has tested and refined over his 25 years of teaching students and training swim instructors.

The following photos show just a sampling of our child-centered activities and illustrate what The Swim Lessons Company is all about!


Child Centered

A Positive Environment

EncouragementIsEspeciallyImportant.jpg Encouragement is Especially Important
Laughing with Danny the dolphin

Progress is rewarding

Progress Is Rewarding

Ruff Ruff

Making Learning Like Play

Learning is fun

Ruff Ruff

Laughing with Danny the dolphin

Getting a Kiss from Danny the dolphin

Getting a kiss from Danny the dolphin


Scientifically Designed

Stroke Instruction
Infant Submersion Activity Submersion Activity
Underwater Applause Toddler submersion activity

Underwater Applause.

Next stage in the submersion activity progression.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing.

Toys provide a goal to focus young children.

Rounding Up Building Materials

Rounding Up Building Materials.

Another activity that uses toys to focus kids attention.

Fundamentals Fundamentals Are So Important
Back Kick

Back Kick Activities

Side Breathing

Learning Side Breathing

Back Kick.jpg Learning the Back Kick
Breast Stroke

Learning the Breast Stroke - Arms

Breast Kick

Manipulating feet for Breast Kick

Stroke Instruction

Learning the Breast Stroke - Arms

Back Stroke

Attending to Details