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Endorsements from ExpertsMcGee Moody

“All of my children are students at the Swim Lessons Company.  Jim provides the most comprehensive program that covers everything from water safety and survival swimming to advanced stroke technique work.  Jim and his incredible staff of teachers and makes learning to swim fun for any age."

McGee Moody, Head Swimming Coach
University of South Carolina Swimming

Richard Quick

“Jim Reiser has put together a sound, easy-to-follow, learn-to-swim progression that is fun and effective. I recommend this teaching tool without reservation for all parents that love their children and want them to be safer in and around the water.”

Former Head Womens Swimming Coach, USA Olympic Swimming Team Stanford University


Johnny Johnson

"Jim Reiser has produced a wonderful collection of educational tools that parents and teachers alike may draw useful techniques and ideas for fun, effective and developmentally appropriate learning experiences in the water.  Jim is a strong voice for the Safer 3 Drowning Prevention message and he is to be praised for his effort to bring the message not only to his swim school students but to school children and families in his region and now through this video to the whole country."

Blue Buoy Swim School Owner
Swim for Life Foundation Founder & President
U.S. Swim School Association Past President
National Drowning Prevention Alliance President-Elect


Rob McKay

“It's refreshing to see teachers out there who truly care not only about the quality of their teaching, but more importantly prioritizing the happiness and well being of their students throughout the learning process. Your use of songs/games and positive reinforcement is most refreshing, as opposed to exploiting parents with guilt bearing fear tactics and imposing forceful back float or submersion methods on the children.  Thanks for stepping up to the plate for happy swimmers!”

Rob McKay – Author, Learn to Swim Book Boca Raton, Florida

ShanaiHarris"My life long fear of water is over, thanks to “The Swim Professor.”   The Swim Lessons University techniques really helped boost my confidence.  My first swim lesson, I could not put my head under water.  By the second lesson, I felt comfortable opening my eyes under water.  And after eight sessions, just call me "flipper!"

Shanai Harris ABC-25 News Anchor, Columbia, SC


John F. Trembley

“The Swim Lessons University teacher-training system is extremely well done and professionally thought out.  Jim Reiser is a master coach, master teacher who has contributed incalculable measure to improving water safety and comfort for many people to date.  I am confident his teacher-training series will help thousands more, as well.”

John F. Trembley Head Men's Swimming Coach University of Tennessee President, United Swimming Clinics

Seaman PhD and son Trent "I have just gone through the "Parent and Me" class for the first time and I will tell you that I am set to enroll again for the next session. This experience has been invaluable both in terms of putting my son, Trent, at ease in the water as well as providing Trent and me a new way to bond as father and son while we learn together. I have watched Trent's improvement with a great deal of pride. There is no way that I would have had the skill or the courage to attempt some of the progressions that we now go through so effortlessly. I especially appreciate that you do not force the children to go through these progressions, but rather provide them a fun environment that motivates them to want to try the next step. This has made it easy for Trent and his Dad to have fun in learning. We look forward to seeing you in many future swim sessions. Many thanks!"

Michael Seaman, PH. D & his son Trent Parent & Associate Dean of the USC College of Education


Nicole Keith And Isabella Twinski "As a former collegiate swimmer and a diver with a teaching background, we had high expectations for our daughters swimming teachers. Coach Jim and his staff have exceeded those expectations and then some. Our daughter has gone from being very nervous at the start of her to crying because she doesn't want her lesson to be over! We are so happy that we are able to give her the opportunity to learn to swim in such a warm, fun, child centered environment".

Nicole, Keith, & Isabella Iwinski, College Diver, All-American Swimmer



Steve Graves"Jim Reiser has produced some of the most fun and innovative ways to improve a child's swimming skills. His methods will help you experience the joy of teaching a child to swim.”

Steve Graves National Swim School Association, Founder World Aquatic Babies & Children Congress, Executive Director

Ernest M. Maglischo, Ph. D."Jim Reiser has produced some of the most interesting and innovative techniques I have ever witnessed for teaching preschoolers. His methods will cause children to look forward to their swimming lessons rather than fear them. Because his methods stress fun as well as skill mastery, they will signal a lifelong love affair with the water for your young swimmers."

Ernest M. Maglischo, Ph. D. Author, Swimming Fastest


Curt Klausner“I was recently hired as the new aquatic director for the Central Florida YMCA, where I was brought in to revitalize the learn-to-swim program. The timing of receiving Professor Reiser’s new “Parent & Me 101” video could not have been better. It is engaging and dynamic, and it’s making training my teaching staff easier. That’s why they call him “The Swim Professor.” And the former coach shows you exactly how to do it! As an ASCA Level 5 coach and former Division 1A collegiate swimmer myself, I have an extensive background in swimming. But now I have an 18-month old daughter and I am in charge of swim lessons. Teaching babies and toddlers is a whole new ballgame. My daughter Aubrey and our students have already benefited. I am fired up, and I promise that you'll be fired up too after you see this amazing video!”

Curt Klausner Central Florida YMCA Aquatic Director ASCA Level 5 Swim Coach Former Division 1-A Collegiate Swimmer Proud Parent


Glen Walker"Your Swim Lessons University teacher training system has very much changed the way I teach little ones.  The swim school is a new venture as previously most of our business was in stroke improvement for Triathletes so I was a little worried about teaching the kids, hence the purchase of your video.  The one thing that stood out for me on the video was that the children should be upset because they don't want the lessons to end, not because their parents make them have swimming lessons.  I now have parents saying their children can't wait for the next lesson which is really great to hear and also great for business, so win, win.  Thanks again, Jim, and I'm looking forward already to your next one!"

Glen Walker, Slipperly Fish Swim Clinics United Kingdom


Jan Emler"The lessons taught in this DVD are practical and effective teaching tools that can be implemented by parents of babies and toddlers.  The DVD includes many tricks-of-the-trade that are used by some of the best swim schools in the nation.  I recommend this DVD to parents who want to introduce their own toddlers to swimming in a fun and effective manner."

Jan Emler U.S. Swim School Board of Directors Emler Swim Schools, Inc. - President


Judy Lemke“Your videos are wonderful.  I have been teaching swimming for over 35 years, and always seeking new and effective methods!  I especially like in your videos that you have chosen students at various skill levels, and emphasize the fact that we learn from the student, and that each has a different learning pattern.  Repetition, practice and praise -- works every time, but tailored a bit for each student!”

Judy Lemke, Owner AquaMANIA Swim Instruction West Sacramento, California