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Swim Strokes 300  Advanced Level 3a

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Swim 301 - Ages 3 to 5 years old.

Swim 302 - Ages 6 to 9 years old.

Swim 303 - Ages 10 to 12 years old.


Bresaststroke and Butterfly


To enroll in "ADVANCED SWIM STROKES 300," your child must be able to Swim 25 feet of Freestyle (Front Crawl) with the Side Breathing.


In "Advanced Swim Strokes 300,” your child will learn the advanced skills of Breaststroke and Butterfly, as well as refine and further develop the Freestyle and Backstroke. All "Advanced Swim Strokes 300" classes are drill and technique-oriented.  In this course, your child will practice the following skills each lesson:

Not only are the Breaststroke and Butterfly strokes necessary skills to master in order to swim competitively, but Breaststroke is also an essential skill in becoming a certified lifeguard. Upon "Advanced Swim Strokes 300" graduation, we would also like to recommend our new “Lifesaving Strokes 400” course where we teach Sidestroke, Elementary Backstroke, and Treading.  Upon mastering these courses, your swimmer's possibilities in aquatics are endless. When a student masters each of these strokes, he/she is ready to advance to a swim team or enroll in advanced water safety courses such as Life Guarding.